Natural cove:
Ets Alocs

Ets Alocs is located on the north-western coast of Menorca between Cala Pilar and Cala en Calderer, about 11 kilometers from Ferrerias.

The Catalan word aloc means willow tree.

The willow tree, a bush of 2 to 4 metres of height, has plenty of leaves.

This sea inlet is characterised by a difficult accesss for vehicles. It is covered with pebbles and not very suitable for bathing, but since the trail leads up to the sea, it is used for towing boats or hiking by the coastline to the other natural beaches in the area.
You may also see an occasional camping tent there in the summer.

The beach is 60 metres long and 60 metres wide and has no service utilities whatsoever.

Getting there

To reach it, you may go through Ferrerias.

3 kilometers after Ferrerias, in the direction of Ciutadella, you will find the Camí de Tramuntana. Already from the main road, you will see the hill of Mount Santa Águeda and a yellow mansion. This is a restaurant with an interesting garden and a permanent year-round natural-science exposition.

Ets Alocs is also a very interesting hiking area.
The trail leads from Mount Mala up to Cala Pregonda.

The path from Ets Alocs to Mount Mala follows the coastline along flat land, until it reaches the foot the Mount Mala. It passes through Cala Pilar.
After skirting Punta des Carregador, Playa del Mar - a natural harbour made up of large fallen rocks - Mount Mala is located on the far side of the harbour.

From Cala Pregonda there is another trail to Cap de Cavalleria.

A Natural Paradise


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