The castle of
Santa Águeda

The castle of Santa Águeda is found near Ferrerias.

It is situated over an elongated plateau, the Santa Águeda, 264 metres above sea level.
This is the highest point on Menorca after Monte Toro and S'Esclusa.

The castle was built during the Muslim occupation of Menorca as a safehold from danger; its exact date of construction is unknown, yet it was already mentioned in 1232. It was the last standpoint before later being destroyed by King Peter IV of Aragon.

You can access it by an ancient Roman road that starts at an abandoned school (a walk of about 45 minutes).
Great views at the top of Menorca’s northern coastine.

Follow the road to Ets Alocs which you can see shortly after Ferreries, coming from Mahon.

Already from the main road you you will spot a yellow mansion on the right-hand side. This is the restaurant and agricultural museum of Binisues which lies on that road.

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