Natural beach:
Cala Pilar

More than 250 metres of sand and the existence of drinking water make this shell-shaped beach a good choice for those in search of peace.

Cala Pilar is situated at 23 kilometres from Ciutadella and one of the beaches with the most difficult access. The least cumbersome is probably a walk along the coast to Ets Atlocs.

Other options:

About 5.5 kilometers after Ferrerias in the direction of Ciutadella you‘ll find a small road leading into the wood.

Once you have arrived at the parking lot, it will take you another 30 minute-walk to reach the beach through the wood.
There are no services at this cove.
And there isn't much shade either.

Up in the hills there are some caves.

Very close to Cala Pilar you find a beach with large pink pebbles, Macar d'Alfurinet.

Predios (estates) nearby:

- Sant Bernat
- Al Putzer
- Bini Canó
- Sant Felip
- Alfuri.

Accessbility by car until these predios, close to 2 km away from the beach, is possible.



A Natural Paradise


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