Renting a car

Hiring your car

So much of Menorca's coastline and many of the historical sights is inacessible to those stuck with using public transport, so to see Menorca at its best, you need a car.

Booking your car rental prior to travelling may result in cheaper rates and a wider range of vehicles from which to choose.

When booking, be certain to obtain, read carefully and retain the "Terms & Conditions" of any hire agreement.

Spanish law requires drivers to be at least 18 years of age, but hire companies usually require a minimum age of 21 and may add hefty surcharges for drivers under 25.

Please do remember: In this country people drive on the right side!


Even the most basic insurance policy should include cover for:

  • Third-party liability, ("cobertura de daños a terceros")
  • fire ("incendio")
  • theft ("robo")
  • and collision damage ("daños por colisión").

Please check the insurance cover carefully!

Mileage and fuel

Better car rental agreements allow for unlimited mileage, but some have a mileage cap, which incurs a substantial extra charge if exceeded.

Additionally, some hire firms require payment for a full tank of fuel on collection.

If the rental period is only a few days, cheaper alternatives are available.

Collecting your car

On collection of a hire car, read carefully any documentation that requires your signature.

Don't allow yourself to be hurried, as you may end up signing up for unwanted additions, along with apparently "bargain" extras, failing to realise that the rates quoted were "per day", not for the duration of the rental period.

Make a thorough internal and external examination of the hire vehicle, ensuring that any damage, however minor, is noted on the vehicle inspection report.

Make sure your vehicle is provided with a user manual and an emergency phone number and advice to drivers as to appropriate procedures in the case of breakdown.

Also check whether the mandatory emergency equipment such as warning triangles ("triángulos de peligro") and reflective vests ("chalecos reflejantes") is in the car.

These are required by Spanish law in the case of breakdown and hire firms must provide them.

Returning the car

Many companies stipulate that vehicles must be returned with a full fuel tank and charge the proverbial "arm and a leg" for refuelling otherwise.

Record the vehicle's mileage on return, attend any vehicle inspection and obtain a copy of the final report!

Keep all credit-card and other receipts in case of dispute for a couple of months.

Some offers

Filling-station signs:

  • Super or super 98 = leaded
  • Sin plomo 98 or Eurosuper 95 = unleaded
  • Gasóleo = Diesel

The only round-the-clock filling station on Menorca is in Sant Lluis.

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