Muntanya Mala

Mount Mala - or Muntanya Mala in the local language - is 200 metres high and provides a breathtaking view of the northern coast till the lighthouse of Cavallería.

Between Ets Alocs and Mount Mala there is a fairly easy hiking trail.
This 6 kilometer long path will take you about 3 hours to get to the foot of Mount Mala.

The starting point is in the stony bay of Ets Alocs at the outskirts of Ferrerias.

Then the trail goes along the northern coastline through a plain terrain up to Mount Mala.

You are passing by Cala Pilar and Playa de Mar.
Mount Mala is at the very end of the latter.

The path ends in the spectacular strech connecting Cala Pregonda with Cap de Cavallería.

A Natural Paradise


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