From Ferrerias
to Ets Alocs

Distance: 7 kilometres until Santa Águeda, 12 kilometres until Ets Alocs.

Time: 45 minutes till Santa Águeda. 90 minutes till Ets Alocs.

State of trail: Mostly good until the farm of Binidalfà.

Afterwards there is a rather bad rural road until the beach. This stretch is mostly downhill. Going back on the same trail will therefore be a bit more strenuous.

First, you will see some farms, thereafter bushes and willow trees are about all there is.

Still, this trail is worth going, especially in the evening hours and in the winter!

You may wish to combine this cycling excursion with a visit to the Santa Águeda castle.
These are the remains of what used to be an Arabic castle; while it is in bad condition, the view alone from the top is worthwile!

You have a panoramic view to the Northern coast of Menorca which is breathtaking!