Cala Morell

Cala Morell offers various points of interest:

The bay and its geology

The bay is very short, only 80 metres long. If you are interested in geology, it offers you a previledged insight into the geological evolution of Menorca and its subsoil substrates.

The rocks are from different periods of its existence.

The cove is surrounded by high cliffs on each side.

There is a beach bar, but no wheelchair or stroller access.

Rock-cut tombs

The presence of man dates back to at least the Iron Age, about 800 before Christ.

The necropolis ("city of the dead") consists of 14 man-made caves similar to the ones at Cales Coves. (There are similar caves also on Malta).

The tombs contain internal pillars, elaborately carved doorways and raised platforms.

The burial rituals consisted of a collective inhumation of the persons.

The necropolis also conserves some twenty small niches that may have been used as bone tombs or for infantile burials.

The most outstanding caves are the coves de forn. These are made of small rooms and large underground tombs with pillars.

If you wish to find out more about the caves, you might want to vist the Museu de Menorca in Mahón or the Museu Municipal in Ciutadella.

Getting there

Go to the Ciutadella industrial complex and follow the signs to Cala Morell which is 7.5 kilometers away.

A few kilometers ahead, the twisting country road forks one direction for Cala Morell and the other for the two beaches of Algaiarens.

The road ends at the village. There you can either turn right to go into the village or left to visit the cove and caves.


Cala Morell is one of the section of the Camí de Cavalls.

You can walk to Cala Pilar through a great variety of landscapes: steep cliffs, gentle valleys, leafy pine woods and luxuriant meadows.

Follow the former bridleway towards the east up to the cove of Codolar de Biniatram.
You will then reach the bay of Ses Fontanelles and the beaches of Algaiarens.

The trail goes on along the La Vall valley and then back to the Mediterranean sea at Pla de Mar offering you a stunning view of Cala Pilar beach.


A Natural Paradise


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