Torre Vella d'en Lozano

This taula is located among the ruins of a large settlement that has never been studied: The town of Torrevella d‘en Lozano lies some 2 kilometers from Ciutadella on the road that leads to Punta Nati, between the two farms Torre Nova d‘en Lozano and S‘Hort d'en Vigo.

The taula is very bad shape. The stone-support is broken and it is pretty eroded.

Nothing is known about the stone-capital which could be one of the many flagstones lying around in the surroundings.

Entre 1000 - 700 a.C/BC/v.Chr.:

Época Talayótica

Talaiots = torres troncocónicas de piedras en seco.
Talayots = Truncated cone-shaped dry-wall towers.
Kegelstumpfförmige Türme

A partir de 650 a.C.:
From 650 BC onwards:
Ab 650 v. Chr.:

Época post-talótica