Punta Nati

To reach Punta Nati, you will have to follow a narrow bumpy road that starts in the northern Ciutadella.

The lighthouse of Punta Nati was built three years after one of the most catastrophic shipwrecks on Menorca.

On February 9th, 1910, the French steamship Général Chanzy left Marseille to go to Algeria. There was a staff of 69 persons and 83 passengers on board the ship.

The ship was slammed head on into the cliffs; only one person survived.

The name of a nearby cove, Cala Morts ("Cove of the Dead") reminds us of this and other shipwrecks.

Near Punta Nati you can also walk the Camí de Cavalls.

The walk to Cala Morell is approximately 8 kilometers.

This walk follows a large part of the northern coastline and passes through several coves.

The trail passes through Cala Pous, Cala Morts and Sa Punta des Singles. It covers rocky terrain over fifty metre high cliffs.

After crossing the small Encletxa de s'ull valley, the trail proceeds to an old stone wall. From there it continues for 4 hours to Cala Morell.

Punta Nati is also an ideal spot to watch the sunsets and birds.

A Natural Paradise


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