Son Mercer de Baix

This prehistoric settlement is located between Ferrerias and Es Migjorn Gran in the ravine Barranco de Son Fideu.

It is a 25-minute walk from the tarmac road between these two villages.

The site was inhabited between 2500 and 1800 before Christ (in the pretalaiotic period) and between 1600 and 123 before Christ (in the talaiotic period).

It is rather small, but provides breath-taking views into the surrounding ravines and the site itself has a living cave with three columns that are supporting the ceiling.

It is also possible to walk down to the Barranc de Son Fideu in order to get to the beach of Trebalúger.

Entre 1000 - 700 a.C/BC/v.Chr.:

Época Talayótica

Talaiots = torres troncocónicas de piedras en seco.
Talayots = Truncated cone-shaped dry-wall towers.
Kegelstumpfförmige Türme

A partir de 650 a.C.:
From 650 BC onwards:
Ab 650 v. Chr.:

Época post-talótica