Natural beach:

Cala Trebalúger is 190 metres long and 160 metres wide.

There are no facilities.

Getting there

This beach is only accessible by foot or by boat. It is a long and difficult walk along the coast from Sant Tomás, easier from Cala Galdana.

Drive from Ferrerias to Cala Galana and turn left about one kilometer before Cala Galdana towards the beach of Cala Mitjana.

From there, you will see a trail marked with red signs.

If you don't mind long walks, you can also go down to the barranco de Son Fideu.

In this case, you would start out at the campsite of Cala Galdana.

Leave your vehicle there and look out for the farm house at the righthand side of the camping site. (Ask the farmer for permission!)

Then follow the trail that leads down to the beach.

This is a private estate, so you will probably encounter cows, pigs and horses.

From Trebalúger you may also walk to Cala Fustam.

In the ravine Es Barranc de Son Fideu there are also:

A Natural Paradise


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