The naveta of Binimaimut is located some 300 metres north of the farm with the same name.

You may approach it via a rural way coming from Sant Climent.

It has a horseshoe shape and its front side is slightly concave.

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Entre 1000 y 700 a.C.:
Between 1000 and 700 BC:
Zwischen 1000 und 700 v. Chr.:

Época Talayótica

Se contruyeron talaiots = torres troncocónicas de piedras en seco.
Talayots were built = Truncated cone-shaped dry-wall towers.
Kegelstumpfförmige Türme aus Trockensteinen.

A partir de 650 a.C.:
From 650 BC onwards:
Ab 650 v. Chr.:

Época post-talótica

Se contruyerons taulas
Taulas were built
Errichtung von Taulas.