Urban beach
Sa Mesquida

Sa Mesquida is a classical sand beach. It is 320 metres long and 80 metres wide.

This cove is typically frequenty by Mahón families.

The Sa Mesquida area is interesting for scuba-diving, especially the small islands west of the beach.

The whole area breathes the ambiente of a fishermen's spot, so it is difficult to find gift shops. Nonetheless, it is possible to rent sunbeds or umbrellas or some water sports facility.

The sandy area is flanked by a 60 metre high rock, the Pa Gros, providing stunning views.

Sa Mesquida is a historical place: It was there where Franco-Spanish troops landed in 1781 to conquer Menorca.
When the British dominated the island, they erected a defence tower near the beach. This is one of the 11 towers built by the British on Menorca between 1798 and 1802.

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A walk a day to spice up your holiday:

Isn't this a perfect day for a walk to Es Grau?

So, come on ...
This is a rather difficult walk as it constantly goes up and down hills, but you are fit, aren't you?

Anyway, it's well worth the effort:
You won't see that kind of wild vegegation where you live!

Proceed to the end of the beach and follow a clearly visible path to the left heading north along the coast.

Keep on this path - if may not always be possible - taking detours as they occur from time to time, but heading north keeping close to the coastline.

Continue to the Punta de Sa Cudia.
There, you will turn west to the village of Es Grau.

Part of this route is the original camí de cavalls coastal way.


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