Natural beach:
Cala Carbó

This pebbly beach is situated at 13 kilometres from Ciutadella between Cap de Ferro (which has several layers) and Punta Roja (there are some reefs in the surroundings).

It is not an official beach.

This isolated unspoilt sea inlet is characterised by being u-shaped, it is 220 metres long and 55 metres wide; the vegetation is rare in the surroundings (it is surrounded by dark rocks of the hills of Bassa Verda –“green lake”-).

Cala Carbó is exposed to the winds from the north-southwest-northwest, a gentle breeze, a calm water, and a normal slope.

The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are not safe in front of its coast.

The best anchorage is in the adjacent big bay of Ses Fontanelles.

This bay is sheltered from the winds from the second and third quadrants, and it is deep enough to anchor.

Nevertheless you are recommended to only navigate along the north coast of Menorca if the sea is calm because it is difficult to find a safe shelter from the strong wind in this area.

Getting there

Although it is possible walk up to the beach, is easier to get it by boat.

To access by car, follow the signs and the deviations until the nearby Cala Algaiarens. On this beach, a Natural Reseve, you will have to pay to leave your private car.

From here you will have to walk for 1.5 kilometres to reach Cala Carbó.

A Natural Paradise


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