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Hello everybody!

On these pages you‘ll find (almost) everything about the charming Mediterranean island of Menorca.

OK - on the upper left cover you see the Union Jack and the flag of Ireland - but please ...

dear visitors from Scotland, Wales, Australia, the United States of America or any other country, don‘t take offence.

You are all welcome to enjoy your stay on Menorca!

Our mission is simple:

  • To provide you with the most extensive and relevant information to make your visit as enjoyable as possible and

  • to provide you with practical first-hand objective advice.

Please feel free to give us as much feedback as possible.

Many of the holiday-makers on this island have already come various times. You might be able to provide us with additional comments, contributions or ideas.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Who are we?

We are both "foreigners": (After all, isn‘t everybody on this planet a foreigner - almost everywhere!?)

Aisha - originally from the south of Spain, Andalucia (but with roots even more south).

Benno - a German-born long-time resident on Menorca.

These English pages are not a literal translation of the Spanish version; we try to see the island through the eyes of a first-time visitor and to provide as much helpful information as possible.

Menorca is one of the four Balearic islands, the others being:

Mallorca (the biggest one),
Ibiza and

When compared to its neighbours, Menorca still remains relatively unspoilt and quiet. There is practically no winter tourism.

The island is almost flat and the Monte Toro is the only real mountain on Menorca (354 metres above sea level).

There is only one main road, the Me-1, which joins Mahon on the east coast and Ciutadella in the west.

This means that you cannot drive around the coast; you'll always have to come back to the main road to get to the next village.

Adelante! Go ahead! - Los geht's!

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