So you've made up your mind! You wish to spend some pleasant days on the some of the finest beaches of Menorca?

Great idea!

Yet, with every holiday at the seaside there a some risks that can be easily avoided, such as ...

  • infections
  • marina fauna
  • and last, but not least, jellyfish.

Should you spot some jellies close to sea, the most reasonable thing to do is stay out of the water.
In case there are some members in the water - even far away - don't go in either.


Because their tentacles may break and the cells may still be active. The free-swimming fragments will then cause you harm.

Sun-protecting creams may act as a certain isolating layer, though.

Never touch a jellyfish, even though it appears dead!
The stinging cells will remain active for some time.

Which specimens may you encounter on Menorca?

The most probable specimen is the purple-bodied velella.

Sometimes they seem to form sort of a "carpet" on the surface of the sea.
They are only a few centimeters long and harmless for human beings - but ...

there is yet another specimen that can cause quite an unpleasant experience: the pelagia noctiluca, commonly known as the mauve stinger.

It has a diameter of about 10 centimentres.

Its tentacles are fine and long and may provoque a hurtful sting.

The third specimen - the largest - is the cotylorhiza tuberculata.

Also known as the Mediterranean jelly or fried-egg jellyfish, it has a diameter of 35 diameters.

Despite its size, its tentacles are only short and harmless for human beings.


  • Wash the affected area with sea water.

    Do not rub!

    Do not wash with sweetwater!
    That would only stimulate the cells.

  • Rinse the remaining cells with a viangre solution and pull them out.

  • After having pulled them out - perhaps using a toothpick - treat the hurt with cold-water gauze pads or a local anesthetic.

  • Get a cream at the chemist or in a hospital and apply it as instructed.

These tips are for your information only.
In case of toxic appearances, call the emergency immediately.


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