Walk from Binimel-là to
Cala Pregonda

Even though the pathways can be uneven and rocky in places, this is a very easy walk.

The total length between these two points is about 1.2 kilometers.

Leave your vehicle at the Binimel-là car park and take the path to your left, down to the Binimel-là beach.

At the western end of the beach, follow the post-and-rope fence over the headland. This path will lead you over a rocky beach and onto the first of two sand beaches at Cala Pregonda.

Now you have two options:

You can either follow a rough and steep section of the former riding track, the Camí de Cavalls, further west on to the second of Cala Pregonda‘s beaches.


You can walk over the stark headland.
The red soil and the gold red rocky outcrops make it look like a Martian landscape.

A Natural Paradise


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