Son Blanc

The harbour of Son Blanc began operating in May, 2011.

It is formed by a double jetty with an exterior arm of 674 metres and an interior of 353 metres. This double construction does not interfer with the sea view.

This harbour, built in the Bay of Ciutadella, has left Maó in the red as regards passenger numbers.

The shipping line Baleária is saling from
  • Alcúdia to Ciutadella and from
  • Barcelona to Ciutadella (5 to 6 hours)

from the exterior jetty.

Balearia offers two types of seats: Sirena and Neptuno.

In the Neptuno lounges (the more expensive ones), you will be served food and newspapers. When seated in the Sirena rooms, you get nothing.

There are public buses to Ciutadella and there is almost always a taxi waiting at the parking lot.

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