Snakes on Menorca

There are three types of snakes on Menorca.

They are "invaders" and have probably been brought by ship during the Roman era.

All three species are harmless for the human being!

The most comon snake is the ladder snake ("serp blanc" in Menorquin).

This is the largest one of the three species and you may come across it in the Southern part of Menorca, in the fields and between stones.

Its diet consists of fair sized vertebrates such as rats or mice.

The viperine water snake has its habitat in humid areas such as in the Ravine of Algendar in the municipality of Ferrerias.

It feeds on small amphibious.

When attacking, it contracts its neck mussles and makes the head more triangular. Although it may jump at you quite aggessively, it does not bite; it will only give you a slight hit.

The false smooth snake ("serp de garriga") is the least common of the three species of snakes on the island of Menorca.

It is originally from Africa.

You may recognise it by a dark line that crosses its eyes.

This is the only poisenous species (yet not for humans). The snake uses the poison to paralyse its victims and then to swallow them it their entirety as it cannot masticate.

Montpellier Snake

With the introduction of ornamental olive trees, more and more montpellier snakes are being introduced on the island of Menorca as these species hide inside those trees.