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Besides its numerous beaches and coves and pictoresque villages, Menorca has a series of typical products to offer.

Some ideas

Gin Gin is very typical for Menorca.

Menorcan gin is not be confused with British gin: You shouldn't take it with tonic!

It is normally drunk neat, but especially during the Menorcan festivals it is mixed with lemonade.

This mix is called "pomanda" in Maó - and "gin con limonada" (or: gin amb llimonada in Catalan) in Ciutadella

This gin is only produced by one company Gin Xoriguer.
You can also find one-litre bottles on the web between 15 and 25 Euros.

Hierbas"Hierbas" just means "herbs".
It is a liquor with 30% alcohol.
One bottle is about 11 Euros.

WineThere are 4 wineries on Menorca
All of them offer guided tours.

CheeseAlthough you may get goat cheese, the typical Menorcan cheese is made from cow milk.
You may buy it in shops, from farmers or co-operatives.
It is offered in four degrees:

tierno (tendre) - very soft
semicurado (semicurat) - between 2 and 8 months
curado (curat) - 8 to 12 months
añejo (anyenc) - aged more than 12 months.

In Alaior you can get it directly from the producers, in a gift box, if you wish.

EnsaimadaThis sweet, spiral-shaped bun may be plain or filled with "angel's hair", pumpkin jam, custard cream, chocolate or even sausage.

CeramicsYou can find many things made of ceramics, for example ash trays or painted tiles.

GatesGates made of olive wood are very typical for Menorcan farms (the so called "llocs").
There are decorative imitations for you take home.

Folding chairs These are available as normal chairs or as rocking chairs and are also being exported.

Footwear The typical Menorcan sandals ("avarcas ") are available in two basic versions:
With an open or closed back.
The upper part is made of real leather, the sole is rubber (it used to be made of recycled tires, but no longer).
They are worn by men and women alike, regardless of their age.

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