Es Mercadal

Es Mercadal lies between Alaior and Ferrerias.
Its name derives from the Latin mercatum meaning the market held here in the 14th century.

There are 15 km to Fornells and 21 km to Mahón.

Es Mercadal has a little more than 2,000 inhabitants.

This village is dominated by Mount Toro, the highest point on Menorca. From the Monte Toro Es Mercadal looks like an ensemble of white houses with red roofs.

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It is also the site of an intense number of exhibitions and trade shows held at the former artillery quarters.

In May, the local horse breeders and owners association celebrates the famous Menorca Horse Show. There you can see the Menorcan purebred at its peak during the performances that take plGace on Saturday and especially on Sunday afternoon:

In the Craftmen's Centre you find items such as...

  • traditional and contemporary craftmen's products
  • a dry wall
  • a pont de bens (animal shelter)
  • gates made of olive wood
  • ceramic products

Another opportunity to see the Menorcan horse in action are the annual summer festivals in honour of Saint Martin, celebrated on the third weekend of July.

The municipality of Es Mercadal has

8 beaches:

Accomodation in and near Es Mercadal:

Es Mercadal is also the starting point towards the main center for water sports and adventure on the island: Fornells.

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