Naveta des Tudons

The Naveta des Tudons is a collective tomb from the Bronze age; it is Menorca's most emblematic building.

This chamber tomb is located 4 kilometers outside of Ciutadella at the right side of the main road to Maó.

The construction is around 4 meters high, 14 meters long and 6.4 meters wide. It dates to the early Bonze Age and is approximately 3,000 years old making it to probably the oldest building in Europe.

The name "naveta" is derived from "nave = ship", as its shape reminds of an inverted fishing boat. No cement was used, only interlocking stones.

The naveta has two storeys.

In its interior human remains, bronze bracelets, ceramic buttons as well as arms were found.

During many years it was possible to visit the site free and also to enter inside.
What you see on this photograph, is no longer possible, though. Now an iron gate closes the entrance.

The construction is an architectonical masterpiece from the Bronce Age.

About one minute further, in the direction of Maó, there is the prehistoric settlement of Torre Llafuda, located in a very beautiful scenery.

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