Torralba d'en Salort

This taula is 2.9 kilometers after Alaior on the newly tarred road (with bicycle path) to Cala en Porter on the righthand side.

The entrance fee is 4 Euros per person.

The well-conserved taula is almost 5 metres high and one of the tallest on Menorca.

Besides the sanctuary there are ...

  • a huge talaiot
  • a hypostyle (underground chamber)
  • remains of another talaiot
  • remains of a pre-Talaiotic house
  • remains of an enclosure
  • talaiotic houses
  • a well
  • a Medieval house.

A figure of a bronze bull found in this settlement is now housed at the Museum of Menorca.

A bit further down on the same road (in the direction of Cala en Porter) you'll find the archeological site of So Na Caçana.

A Natural Paradise


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