Talatí de Dalt

Talatí de Dalt is located some 4 kilometres from Mahón,

near the roundabout that leads to the airport.

Right at the entrance to the ruins, you'll find a talaiot.

The settlement is divided into the public area with the sanctuary and the taula in the middle and the privat area with houses and hypostyle rooms (storerooms).

The unusual feature of its taula (megalith) is that it is in balance with a column that must have fallen on top of it accidentally.

Besides the central talaiot, there are two tailots on the perimeter of the prehistoric settlement.

Entre 1000 y 700 a.C.:
Between 1000 and 700 BC:
Zwischen 1000 und 700 v. Chr.:

Época Talayótica

Se contruyeron talaiots = torres troncocónicas de piedras en seco.
Talayots were built = Truncated cone-shaped dry-wall towers.
Kegelstumpfförmige Türme aus Trockensteinen.

A partir de 650 a.C.:
From 650 BC onwards:
Ab 650 v. Chr.:

Época post-talótica

Se contruyerons taulas
Taulas were built
Errichtung von Taulas.