Ses Roques Llises

This is the best-conserved dolmen on Menorca (and of the two other found on Mallorca).

Especially well conserved in the entry section.

It is about 800 metres from Torre d'en Galmés, yet quite difficult to find.

Na Comerma de sa Garita is only 30 metres away.
These two sanctuaries are separated by some 1,500 years

Entre 1000 - 700 a.C/BC/v.Chr.:

Época Talayótica

Talaiots = torres troncocónicas de piedras en seco.
Talayots = Truncated cone-shaped dry-wall towers.
Kegelstumpfförmige Türme

A partir de 650 a.C.:
From 650 BC onwards:
Ab 650 v. Chr.:

Época post-talótica