S'illa de l'aire

The isla del aire (illa de l'aire - isle of the wind) is an islet covering 34 hectares, just in front of Punta Prima at the southermost tip of Menorca.

This small island is 500 metres wide and one kilometer long. Its highest elevation is just 15 metres.

It is easily identified during the day.
On one side there is the Llosa de Ponent ("western flagstone") and on the other the Llosa de Llevant. ("eastern flagstone").

There is another one at its northern shore.

The construciotn of the black-and-white banded lighthouse was decided in 1856, it took, however four years more until it was started.

In 1974 it was was provided with an automatic system.

Today it is operated with a photovoltaic system.

The lighthouse can be rounded on either side.

This island is inhabited by an endemic lizard, the so-called black lizard ("sargentana negre") (it is able to change its colour, though) and some 300 rabbits.

Getting there:

Approach is possible via Sant Lluís or via Maó.

There is a small trail that leads directly to the lighthouse (500 metres).

A Natural Paradise


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