Illa d'en Colom

This 59-hectare island is 200 metres off the north-east coast of Menorca.

In the past it was used as a pesthouse.

It boasts two beaches and features a paleochristian basilica.

It used to be used as a lazaret.

The private island lies in the S'Albufera des Grau Natural Park.

It offers safe anchorage and may be reached by medium-sized boats if you navigate carefully.

By the way ...

The island is up for sale for 6 million euro!

This small island also has a mining history (iron and copper mines)

It has long been unclear where the copper for the pre-Roman copper objects found on Menorca had come from.
In 2012 an expert group was able to prove that that copper had come from the Illa d'en Colom.

A Natural Paradise


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