Cova des Coloms

They say that there are two cathedrals on Menorca.

One stands in Ciutadella and the other one is the Cova des Coloms.
Because this natural cave is colloqually known as "The Cathedral" due to the sheer height of its ceiling.

It is located at the eastern cliff of the Barranc de Binigaus.
This ravine starts at Es Migjorn Gran and ends at the beach of Binigaus.

The ceiling is 24 metres high and the cave is 100 metres long and 15 metres wide.

Getting there

There are two options:

1.) You may use the trail that leads from Es Migjorn Gran down to the beach of Binigaus.

In this case, you would first go to Ferrerias and from there to Es Migjorn Gran.

If you come from Ciutadella, drive as if you would go into the village of Ferrerias (do not use the new by-pass and tunnel).
Right before Ferrerias, at a dangerous curve with a mirror to its left, turn right.

Once in Es Migjorn Gran you may park your vehicle near the cementary;
that's where the trail begins.

It will take you about 30 minutes to arrive at the cave.

Just follow the painted arrows
(in various languages Cave, Cova, Coves).

2.) Another possibility would be to use the Camí de cavalls at the Binigaus beach.

Stay on the former bridleway, marked with wooden pegs, until you get to a clearance in the sand.

You may also wish to use the bicycle to get to the cave.


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