Son Bou

Son Bou, about 20 minutes from Mahón is the longest beach on Menorca (2,500 metres long and 105 metres wide).

It is one of the 5 beaches of the municipality of Alaior.

The beach opens out to the sea and is lined by a dune system and also an extensive area of wetland.

Its western end, Atalis, is frequented by nudists.


There is a camping site, 3 kilometers away from the beach.

Getting there

Go west from Mahón on the 721 and follow the signs to Son Bou.

There are big parking lots close to the beach.


The Prat de Son Bou is one of the sections of the Camí de cavalls.

One of the most-varied walks of the south is between Son Bou and Es Canutells.

You can see small coves, white sandy beaches, shaded gullies, orchards and burial caves:

From Sou Bou, descent into the ravine of Llucalari.
Climb up to the plain on the other side and follow the trail down to the Barranc des Rellotge. Menorca‘s largest fruit-tree orchand is in this ravine.

You will then come out of the ravine at the beach of Cala en Porter.

The Camí de Cavalls then goes on to Cales Coves and from there to the small beach of Es Canutells.

Historic monument

The remains of an early-Christian church of the 5th century, the Basilica Paleocristiana de Son Bou can be seen near the beach.


Cala Llucalari
Cala Sant Llorenç


Some bars and restaurants

A Natural Paradise


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